Welcome to Onsite AG Services

The foundation of Onsite AG Services was laid by Judd Wasylow, a veteran with over a decade of experience in the agricultural industry. We provide farmers with bespoke services, from preventive maintenance to repair and modification of their agricultural equipment for better performance and productivity. Our years of excellence and expertise allow us to service any onsite agricultural equipment, including John Deere® air seeders, seed drills, and planters.


How We Work

At Onsite AG Services, we initiate our process by arranging a site visit for equipment inspection. Our qualified experts will visit your farm to discuss performance enhancement and maintenance interval extension options. They will also conduct a free inspection of your equipment. This consultation will allow you to receive tailored assistance in maintaining your agricultural equipment. In addition, it will help you identify any potential problems that may arise so they can address them before any severe damage. Whether you are looking to optimize performance or extend the lifespan of your equipment, we will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Why Choose Us

We provide unrivaled repair and maintenance services for air seeders, seed drills, and planters. Our prices are competitive to make quality services accessible to every farmer. To prioritize customer satisfaction, we are active 24 hours, seven days a week, to facilitate your queries and provide a free consultation.